SPF (optional)

Where are plenty of Spam prevention techniques like DMARC, DKIM, DANE, Postscreen and other Policy Deamons (e.g. policyd-weight). Good Providers use most of them. We can't test all of them in SDI. They help to detect spam but not scam. So if Spammers use meine-dt-bank.de to obtain your PIN/TAN by a scam this mails could also use SPF or DKIM for there domain. So this techniques won't help there. The user is still responsible to detect such scams.

  • Add a SPF (Sender Policy Framework) Record to match mx and a to your DNS for your fantasy domain

  • test with dig or nslookup for your record

  • its a little bit hard to test this. if you want you could try to configure amavis to test for spf and set it to debug so that in the mail.log you'll see what amavis does

  • then send a mail from a mailadresse from your fantasy domain to an emailadresse on your server. your mailserver must use your own dns