Set up an OpenLdap server


  1. Depending on your systems installation state you may want to add the dialog package which allows for feeding additional parameters during package installations (e.g. admin's credentials and base DN).

  2. The installation section hints at your host system defined DNS domain being used for deriving your server's DIT root. You may circumvent this obstacle by calling dpkg-reconfigure slapd after installation allowing to specify additional parameters manually.

  3. In case you **ever** loose your master admin password see Change Root DN Password on OpenLDAP for troubleshooting.

You may have to install the dialog package as a prerequisite to the openldap server package:

aptitude install dialog
aptitude install slapd

based on the DNS domain the default slapd package installer configures a DIT having dc=mi,dc=hdm-stuttgart,dc=de as root by default. Change this to dc=betrayer,dc=com by executing dpkg-reconfigure slapd.