First Steps

  1. Create a DNS entry www.g{...} in your SDI related DNS server's group.

  2. Access https://www.g{...} by a browser client and read the server's root page which contains useful information regarding Apache integration into Ubuntu.

  3. Move the original HTML start document to a backup location doc.html. What do you observe when accessing your server?

  4. Provide your own root index.html document and access your server's root again.

  5. Install the Apache documentation being contained in the Ubuntu package apache2-doc. How do you find your server's URL access path to it (Apart from asking Google or Stackoverflow)?


    The dpkg command may be used to browse a given package's file content. One of these files belonging to apache2-doc will give you a clue.

  6. Upload your current HTML documentation to a directory /home/sdidoc. Then modify your web server's configuration accordingly to access this directory by the URL replacing xy123 by your user name.