Exercising past examinations

Lecture notes exercise solutions are being provided as Maven projects below P/Sd1 by the MI Gitlab repository. Comparing these solutions to your own solution may be easily accomplished by importing them into your IDE.

Moreover the final examination and some exercises require importing Maven skeleton projects to start from. The general procedure during an examination with respect to programming components is being described subsequently.

Figure 601. Exam training by Guacamole Slide presentation

Figure 602. Environment hints: Slide presentation

The following installations allow for exercises with respect to the final examination:

  • E-Exam 113105 Softwareentwicklung 1 Test / Network blocked:

    The examination environment with firewall rules restricting Internet access to a small number of allowed sites.

  • E-Exam 113105 Softwareentwicklung 1 Test / Teamviewer:

    No Internet blocking. Teamviewer allows for getting external help.