Filter based search

Execute the following LDAP filter based searches:

  • All users with a uid attribute value starting with the letter b.

  • All entries with either a defined uid attribute or a ou attribute starting with letter d.

  • All users entries within the whole DIT having a gidNumber value of 100.

  • All user entries belonging to the billing department having a uidNumber value greater than 1023.

  • All user entries within the whole DIT having a commonName containing the substring ei.

  • All user entries within the whole DIT belonging to gidNumber == 100 or having a uid value starting with letter t.


Apache Directory Studio allows both for filtering and searching providing nifty features like attribute name completion and syntax highlighting. You may define:

  • The DIT entry root element (being identified by its DN) to start your search from.

  • The search scope being either of object, one level or subtree.

  • Boolean expressions based on attribute values.

CLI support is available as well here.