Coached exercises

Figure 26. Coached exercises Slide presentation
  • Tuesday and Wednesday 17:45-19:15.

  • Alternating seminar and software exercises: E.g. seminar on Tuesdays, exercises on Wednesdays.

  • Seminar groups of ~12 participants assigned to a tutor.

You are free starting a bonus project project optionally gaining points to be added to your final examination's result according to the following rules::

Figure 27. Bonus points Slide presentation
  • Precondition: You must pass the examination based on its own score excluding bonus points.

  • Examination: E.g. 90 points / 100% resulting in 1,0, 45 points / 50% resulting in 4.0.

  • 0-10 bonus points on top of examination score in case of reaching at least 50% examination points.

  • Examples:

    • 40 examination points: Failed regardless of any number of bonus points

    • 45 Examination points, 10 bonus points. Result: 55 points resulting in a 3.0 mark rather than 4.0.

Figure 28. Seminar rules and bonus points Slide presentation

Figure 29. Presenting exercise solutions Slide presentation
  • Give a brief account of the exercise in question.

  • Explain your solution's concept and present your code.

  • Explain possible problems / pitfalls.

  • Ask your tutor for exercises to avoid thematic clashes