Project ideas

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All projects require the following steps:

Figure 948. Common project steps #1/3 Slide presentation
  1. Creating an initial project repository at


    Include your lecturer into your team providing at least read access.

  2. Committing a file describing the project's goals.

    This includes a precise description of the prototype's desired functionality likely to be extended along with your project's progress.

Figure 949. Common project steps #2/3 Slide presentation
  1. Identify individual tasks like e.g.:

    • Creating sample data.

    • Setting up test scenarios.

    • Selecting a documentation tool set.

  2. Assign team members to tasks.

Figure 950. Common project steps #3/3 Slide presentation
  1. Implementation resulting in:

    • A deployable piece of software

    • Both functional and software internal documentation.


      Don't start this step too late. The »Real programmers don't document, the code is obvious« myth no longer works!