Install and send to local Users

Install postfix. If asked use "Internet site". Stay with the defaults. Later it is maybe needed to install extra postfix-* packages.

apt-get install postfix
  • check that postfix is running; try to connect via telnet (telnet localhost 25)

  • add a local Linux user (useradd is your friend!)

  • send an email via telnet to that user

    • emails will be stored in /var/mail/username

  • add an alias to /etc/aliases and try to send an email to this newly defined alias

  • add mx records on both VMs to your DNS Setup

  • try to send an email via your second host (sdiXb) to the user being defined on your first host (sdXa).

    • meaning use telnet on your local host system (the pc in front of you, not a vm) to sdiXb and send a mail to a user on sdXa

    • why does that fail?